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Watermark Bank

Fraud Protection

No business is immune to the threat of fraud. Thieves work relentlessly to target your hard-earned money, and dealing with fraud can be both time consuming and frustrating. At Watermark Bank, we prioritize the safety of your accounts. Our advanced fraud protection tools add an extra layer of defense and our best-practice techniques minimize your risk and prevent unnecessary losses.

Taking Steps To Fight Fraud

We take security seriously. So seriously that some of our fraud protection solutions are included at no additional charge.*
  • Positive Pay and Account Reconciliation: By providing a list of distributed checks and pre-authorized ACH transactions we are able to monitor and detect fraudulent items attempting to clear your account. If an item is not on the list, or the issue date or dollar amount are different, we flag it for your review.
  • ACH Filters and Blocks: Manage transactions within time constraints and minimize the risk of unauthorized ACH transactions by automatically preventing them from posting to your account.
  • ACH and Wire Transfer Email Notifications: The sophistication of Watermark Treasury Connect allows you to customize a multitude of alerts that will notify you when transfers are initiated by online users.

*Please contact a Watermark Advisor for pricing details.